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For close-up we mean a kind of versatile magic, suitable for any type of occasion and public: birthdays, private parties, weddings, business dinners and any other event where fun can be accompanied by wonder and fantasy.
The close-up is an entertainment that takes place in front of the eyes of the spectators, or rather, right in their hands. This is what makes it unique and different from other forms of magic.
In this case, the magician's skill lies in being the most creative, engaging and original, using cards, coins, sponge balls and borrowed objects by the spectators.

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The show from the stage, scene or living room is different from the close-up.
If you want to add an extra touch to your event, this is the type of show that's right for you.

Viewers will have the opportunity to partecipate all together with prestige and magic.
For your wedding party, your corporate dinner or simply for an evening with friends this is what you are looking for ... .get yourself amaze!